Along the trails there are plaques with information about the routes and also, guiding signs. The signs are placed on walls, on tree trunks and on wire fences. You will find them in the form of red-white rectangular shape with the number of each route on. Many times they are red circular dots painted on stone or wooden surfaces.

During the trails there are a number of wire fences which interrupt the paths. They are used by shepherds to hold their herds in check. So, hikers after opening the wire fences in order to pass by, close them again.
Finally, remember to acquire the appropriate equipment in advance.

Required equipment:

  • suitable shoes for hiking
  • hat, sunscreen
  • long trousers
  • water bottle.


How to get to Naxos

Naxos boasts a port and an airport. Ferry voyages and domestic flights are available throughout the year and more frequent during the summer.


Useful phone numbers

  • Health Center of Chora (Town): tel. 22853 60500, fax: 22850 23867, email:
  • Municipality of Naxos: tel. 22853 60100, fax: 22850 23570, email:,
  • Police Station of Chora (Town): tel. 22850 22100, 22850 23280, 22850 23801, fax: 22850 22100
  • Port Authority: tel. 22850 22300, fax: 22850 24549
  • Fire Department: tel. 22850 32199, fax: 22850 32899
  • Naxos Airport: tel. 22850 23292, fax: 22850 24816
  • Taxi: tel. 22850 22444, fax: 22850 24076
  • Bus Terminal (KTEL): tel. 22850 22291, fax: 22850 22999, email:,



The hiking trails have been presented to the best of knowledge. It is possible signs or junctions of the routes to change without notice. Walking the routes presented in this website is at the hiker’s own risk. It is therefore not possible to ascribe any responsibility to about accidents or damage of any kind which may occur along the routes of Naxos.